City of the Future


The year is 114,511 AD, 114,499 years from now. The sun and earth had collapsed together into a dense and hot sphere of thrice the earth’s size. A seemingly devastating turn of events for us ocean creatures' descendants, but only relatively so. As has been pointed out by Sir Martin Reese, we have by then evolved to become as different from us here as we are from bacteria now. And we know to manipulate the kind force of orbit.
A moon-like mass is devised into orbit around the Goldilock zone away from that dense ball of fire. Goldilock Zone is a distance from a sun wherein water can take liquid form. Since there are few more such sources of light in the celestial sky, these advanced days, the moon-like mass does not need to spin around itself. That could not supply a cyclical sense of day and night, only confusion to the senses. Day/night is self administered. As the new sun is hotter still, our city is constructed facing away, on a moon in orbit.

Constructed with Sketchup and Photoshop